Hole by hole

The last hole is the one that gives the course its name. A good Drive over La Cañada

The Par 3 that appears in all the photos. Hit the club very well if you don’t want your ball to get wet.

Beautiful views from the Tee. Better to keep the Drive in the bag and place the ball on the left side of the fairway.

Par 3 with a bunker at the entrance to the green on the right side, although the green is quite noble to putt.

Par 4 with a slight dogleg to the right. You have to be quite precise in all your strokes.

Par 5 that looks narrow off the tee. Being downhill invites you to play in pairs, but you have to be careful.

Handicap 1 of the course, straight Par 4 with a high tee, the second shot is protected by a pronounced piano.

Par 3 of 132 meters uphill and with a green a little narrow and uphill.

We arrived at the spectacular second round designed by Robert Trend Jones. Seeing the street design is priceless.

A high tee shot with the Sotogrande port in the distance, so the player will enjoy the flight of his ball.

Another uphill hole where we must lean to the right of the road.

Save the Drive if you don’t want to reach the green’s lake. The ball in the fairway will roll as the hole is downhill.

Par 4 not very long but slightly uphill where we must lean to the right of the fairway.

Par 5 that has a dogleg left. The drop zone of the second stroke is protected on both sides.

Beautiful short Par 3 where the green has a lateral piano and is protected by bunkers.

In this Par 5 we must play a little to the right. Hitters can arrive in 2 strokes

Par 3 of 145 meters protected with a bunker before the green and another behind it on the left side.

What a beautiful hole to start our round on this wonderful course.