Restaurant La Cañada

Welcome to Mulligan Restaurant, located on the beautiful La Cañada golf course. We are pleased to welcome you to a space that combines elegance and comfort, where food and service are the main objectives.


The team of chefs and waiters strive to offer a unique and memorable dining experience, with dishes prepared with fresh, high quality ingredients. From an energizing breakfast to start your golf day to a refined dinner to close the day, our menu satisfies all tastes.


The restaurant has a large terrace with panoramic views of the golf course, where you can enjoy an outdoor meal and relax in a quiet and cozy atmosphere.


We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience at Mulligan Restaurant. Whether you are playing golf or simply looking for a place to eat, our team is ready to provide you with exceptional service.


If you would like to check hours, availability, make a reservation or require additional information, please contact us by calling 856 392 731 or 676 915 223.


We look forward to your visit!

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