Fortress built in the Spanish border by the Granada realm, the Castellar Castle still retains its walled enclosure, its keep, nine smaller towers and one of the three doors that had, pointed arched doorway framed by another brick resess of very stilted horseshoe shaped, constituting all a great mole very picturesque and striking architectural.

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The walled of the Castellar de la Frontera Castle is in good conditions, is formed into an irregular polygon articulated as stretches of wall running between cubes, these elements are in occasions crenellated. Access to the north barbican is performed by a watchtower, them another tower in which an inlet formed by a pointed arch that forms part of a horseshoe. This access is achieved according crank shaft. The entrance to the town is by the so-called Arco de la Villa, finished in half a point.

Attached to the castle is the Alcazar, with polygonal plant articulated as cubes homers and canvas. About the keep a lookout is provided with two open fronts by double semicircular arch supported by columns an a hipped roof. On another canvas runs a gallery of arches, separated by Tuscan pilasters. This set was built in the Nasari period but suffered subsequent amendments, most recently the Baroque period that affected the Alcazaba, building galleries and a viewpoint.
XIII century moorish fortress, defended the kingdom of Taifa from Algeciras. Former residence of the Counts of Castellar.

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