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Campo de Gibraltar is a Spanish region from Cadiz province, located on the south of Andalucia. It gets this name because of the rock of Gibraltar and it is the Southern territory of the Iberian Peninsula and therefore of Continental Europe. The region consist of seven municipalities: Algeciras, Los Barrios, La Línea de la Concepción and San Roque, all of them situated on the arc that forms the Algeciras bay, as well as Tarifa, mainlly pointed to the Atlantic Ocean, and Castellar de la Frontera and Jimena de la Frontera, both inland villages. It is one of the region with more own identity in Spain.

Considered one of the best polo clubs in the world, Santa María Polo Club is a quality reference, organizing international events of this exclusive sport and a must visit for the main teams and each year attracts more fans from all over the world.

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The City of San Roque is set in the Strait of Gibraltar, next to the mythical Pillars of Hercules, in the southernmost point on the Iberian Peninsula. It is a crossroads where diverse cultures have intermingled. The Old Quarter of San Roque is a a wide collection of historical listed buildings, as well as traditional festivities such as Holy Week (an Event of Andalusian Tourist Interest) and the Royal Fair, add up to a large number of tourist facilities the borough boasts, accounting for the importance and charm of one of the most singular locations in the province of Cadiz and Andalusia.

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Los Alcornocales Natural Park, which covers an area of 170,025 hectares, stands between the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga and is the world largest cork oak forest.

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The Castellar de la Frontera Castle is located in the heart of Castellar Viejo, on a mountain between the Hozgarganta and the Guadarranque rivers, in Los Alcornocales Natural Park, just few minutes from the Guadarranque Dam & Reservoir, in the Andalusia municipality of Castellar de la Frontera.

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Sotogrande is a world famous residential area within the borough of San Roque and is often considered the top private resort in Europe. It is a true paradise for those who love tranquility, good quality of life and sport tourism.

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Ctra de Guadiaro Km1, 11311
Guadiaro, San Roque (Cádiz)

(34) 956 794 100
ext. 1 Tienda
ext. 2 Secretaría
ext. 3 Administración
ext. 4 Escuela
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