o Make sure that your shot do not reach to anybody. If your ball is not going straight and could hit another player shout Fore!
o Do not disturb or distract other players. Keep a moderate tone of voice.
o Do not stand in line for another player.
o Play at a good pace and invite the group behind to go through if you have lost a hole and you are delaying the field.
o Take care of the course, rake the bunkers, replace divots and repair pitch marks on the green.
o Respect signage.
o Players must present themselves on the first tee at least 5 minutes in advance. If they arrive after their tee time they will lose it and will not be entitled to reimbursement of the green fee.
o Groups must be made up of four players. All matches of one, two or three persons may be reorganized.
o Pets are prohibited into the Clubhouse and into the Course.
o Smoking is not permitted in all areas of the Club House
o The dress code should be in line with the game of golf. It is forbidden to stay on the golf course and the Clubhouse in swimming clothes, sports pants, jeans, bathing shoes, without a shirt or wearing a collarless shirt. No heels are allowed on the golf course.

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Nations Cup Round 1

Yesterday, with a spring temperature of 18 degrees and a light breeze have begun the quarterfinals of the La Cañada Nations Cup at La Cañada Golf Club.

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