Municipal School

The Municipal School of Golf La Cañada is a non-profit sports organization, whose main objective is the introduction, initiation and preparation of children in the sport of golf, in addition to promoting and enhancing golfing activities for children and youth as far as the Club de Golf La Cañada is able.

The Municipal Golf School is managed by La Cañada Golf Club and supervised by the Patronato Municipal de deportes del Ilustre Ayuntamiento de San Roque.

The tradition of this course is intimately linked to that of children’s golf. With more than 300 students, our Municipal Golf School is rated as one of the most important in Spain.

At present, we have four highly experienced and trained technicians: Mr. Antonio Arjona Bueno, Ms. Sonia Collado Gil, Mr. Álvaro Clavijo Jiménez and Mr. Alejandro Quirós Díaz. Its extensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide a quality and efficient service to our customers. We are proud to have such a capable and committed team.

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